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Is a Mars mission “ludicrous” ? June 18, 2012

Posted by Mark Flavin in General, Space Policy.
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I recently read an interview by Chris Kraft, the engineer who established Mission Control for the Apollo program. He stated that sending humans to Mars was ludicrous which Mirriam-Webster defines as:  “amusing or laughable through obvious absurdity, incongruity, exaggeration, or eccentricity.” Mr. Kraft may know a lot about running a mission control organization during “the good old days”  but he appears clueless & out of touch about a real goal for a national space program.

What is so absurd about sending our astronauts to a hard surface planet in our solar system? What is laughable about real vision for a change instead of the hocus pocus NASA is doing as it disassembles human space flight program? This is all being done at the direction of a President & his political hacks who are sucking NASA’a budget dry to fund socialism. With an empty headed director like Bolden at the helm of NASA, a guy who thinks one of the principal goals of NASA is to “make Islamic nations feel good about their contribution to math & science.” (see interview) how will NASA ever do anything worthwhile? Now that kind of incongruous leadership & direction is ludicrous if I ever heard it! What could that possibly have to do with a space exploration?

With the kind of nonsense from non-leaders like Bolden, along with the out of touch old guard of the Apollo era we deserve to watch other nations visit Mars while we sit wasting time & our money on the ISS stuck forever in low earth orbit while buying each other lunch with food stamps. Ludicrous indeed, I think Mr. Kraft & all of us need to look around at the status quo and determine where absurd behavior is being manifested.  It certainly is not is in aiming at the inspiring, achievable goal of putting humans on Mars.

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