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100 Year Starship Project May 14, 2012

Posted by Mark Flavin in Space Policy, Space Ventures.
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Image Credit: 100yss.org

Image Credit: 100yss.org

It is rare to find an organization dedicated to anything beyond the lifetime of the average person but the 100 Year Starship™ Initiative  (100YSS) is just such a group. Their purpose is simple; plan for a human crewed space ship capable of traveling through interstellar space to a destination outside our solar system. While their purpose can be simply stated there is nothing simple about the goal.

Traveling beyond our solar system is a daunting challenge considering the distances involved, and the technology currently available. It is interesting that their website points out that H.G. Wells book “First Men on the Moon” was published just sixty eight years before we set foot on our closest satellite; an unthinkable goal in 1901. The group is trying to galvanize industry, government and the rest of us to get on board & support the effort.

To continue their efforts 100YSS plans a series of symposiums to gather a group and discuss the issues involved in interstellar space. They plan to hold the next discussion in Houston Texas September 13-16. They achieved a milestone with a grant from DARPA of $500 million. In addition to this hey have recently recruited Mae Jemison, a former Space Shuttle astronaut to head the organization.

It is very impressive that such a bold initiative is gathering momentum in this current era of slash and burn budget cuts. They hope to lay the groundwork for the next human space adventure by establishing a firm footing inclusive the vast number of necessary disciplines to ultimately make the project happen. It is so refreshing to hear of a people who dare to dream way beyond putting around in low earth orbit. I appreciate their enthusiasm so let’s set coordinates to Alpha Centari and, what do what else; engage!

Is finding microbes really exploring space? April 23, 2012

Posted by Mark Flavin in General, Space Policy.
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I saw an article on Space Daily that shows the absurdity of letting “scientists” set the agenda for exploring space. The article Bringing Mars Back to Earth which discusses how an international group of space snobs (including NASA technocrats)  thinks we should waste time returning to Earth rock samples from Mars hoping for signs of ancient microscopic life. This is moronic and engenders absolutely no interest among tax paying citizens asked to fund such a folly. This group says it will take three mission to Mars to return samples. What a colossal waste of time and resources. Why are such credentialed  mis-guided people allowed to set the ageda for space exploration? Because our leadership is clueless and has no vision or agenda what so ever.

We need to rebel against such nonsense and demand from NASA (No Advancement Since Apollo) and government an agenda for HUMAN exploration of near space. Why not a create a project; ditch NASA and it bureaucracy and take the money to establish a permanent human occupied outpost on Mars!  Such and initiative would inspire people and lead to a human presence outside of Earth which is legitimate human exploration, not twiddling test tubes looking for microscopic “evidence”.

I urge you to email the  Committee on Science & Technology, which is the US government agency responsible for NASA & let then know the we want to see red Martian dust on an American astronauts boots, not Mars rocks. We have enough rocks in the heads of NASA administrators & “scientists” to examine for decades.